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Why BuyMeStuff

We bring you customers to boost your sales and not clicks

You are already savy about determining a prospective customer
from a casual visitor in your store, so why should it be any
different online?
What we bring to you are real shoppers with an intent to buy, and with whom you can engage and interact.

We enable you to engage, personalise and differentiate

When you know your customer better, you can provide more value to your customer, something that till now, you only had an opportunity to do when customers walked in to your store. With BuyMeStuff, you can stand out from the crowd by doing what you do best - online! Our platform is not just another shopping marketplace, but a real time, interactive customer engagement platform.

We provide you real time insights and metrics to make better decisions

With customers indicating their preferences in real time, you don't have to wait till you get typically expensive market data. With BuyMeStuff you can access important data about customer preferences and product sales trends in real time to make an informed decision and close a sale.

BuyMeStuff is revolutionising the online shopping experience, creating a WIN-WIN Situation for both consumers and small & medium size retailers helping to grow the local Australian Retail Industry!

Retailer Testimonials

You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink. BuyMeStuff generated over 600 requests in under 55 days for our products in their first Beta launch. The key to converting these requests was by reacting to qualified customer requests as quickly as possible with personalised offers just like we do in our physical store. The quick reaction generated over 13k in sales via BuyMeStuff and also meant that the customers built loyalty with Personal digital.

Chirag (Founder)
Personal Digital, Sydney

We let your local customers interact with you
online just like they do so in a physical store.

21% Shoppers say that digital engagement increases their order size, as they receive personalized offers or additional product or service offerings.
Source : Deloitte digital study

In short, we help local shoppers
Shop Online from You

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