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Get Australian retailers to provide you a personalised offer by letting them know what you need!

An interactive shopping experience that allows you to engage with local retailers.

What ignited us to start BuyMeStuff!

Our story began when Abhi (Co founder) moved to Australia and was looking to buy some household products [TV, fridge etc] for his apartment and Like most other shoppers, he loved a bargain but did not to want to visit several retail stores or hunt for deals online. He wasn’t comfortable buying online as he was unsure if he could trust the retailer he is buying from, worried about online fraud and what if the goods don’t arrive on time. He decided to reach out to his good mate Mahendra (Co founder), a savvy online buyer with the knack for finding great deals, to help him out. Mahendra didn’t disappoint and got some amazing deals for Abhi. However he had to spend significant amount of his time searching for the best deal online, calling retailers and negotiating prices & delivery requirements as the current online solution was static with fixed pricing and limited option to engage with retailers. Even for a savvy buyer it was time consuming as there was no way for Mahendra to engage with the retailers online, ask multiple retailers for a good deal and let them know exactly what he wanted without visiting a physical store. So Abhi and Mahendra started thinking, why should the consumer do all this hard work of researching, hunting for offers, negotiating and figuring out if retailers are local or overseas? .

Both Abhi and Mahendra discussed this problem and realised while it was impacting the buyers it was also hurting the local retailers significantly. Retailers were the ones missing out on sales due to fixed pricing and limited engagement online. There had to be a better way. A way by which customers could specify what they wanted including their budget, service or bundle they want and trusted local retailers could respond with their best offers. We wanted to create a platform that allowed retailers to engage with customers with the ability to replicate the ‘in store customer experience’ online. Our view was to have only local trusted retailers on this platform so that shoppers like Abhi who are skeptical about buying online don’t have to worry about Fraud, shipping times and Trust. With this in mind the vision of BuyMeStuff was born.

A marketplace dedicated for Small and medium size local retailers to engage and provide personalised offers in real-time based on consumer feedback/requirement, benefiting consumers with great deals and for retailers to increase sales due to better engagement.


Why BuyMeStuff?

On Demand Local Offers

Don’t worry about fixed prices online. BuyMeStuff will get you fantastic personalized offers from multiple local Aussie retailers just like in a physical store. Say goodbye to deal hunting. .

Hassle Free Shopping

Interact with the retailers in real time if you have any questions. Compare prices and offers from multiple retailers quickly. Create demand and entice retailers to give you better offers in real time. No gimmicks, price includes shipping with an option for free in store pickup.

Trusted Local Stores

Search and source products from local retailers in your area with the added convenience of online ordering.

100% Genuine Products

100% Original products. All products sold on BuyMeStuff are brand new and genuine, backed by manufacturer's warranty as applicable.

Easy Returns

Annoyed with the time and effort it takes to return your purchase? BuyMeStuff offers you the convenience of interacting with local retailers making the returns process simple and super easy.

Lightening Fast Delivery

Fast and on time delivery, timely communication at each stage of shipping to keep you updated at all times.

We match immediate demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimized manner.

In short, we enable
Smart Local Shopping

Customer Testimonials

Tried to buy a smart watch from overseas, got a good price but the seller kept making excuses on shipping times and got delayed for weeks. I had to cancel the order finally. BuyMeStuff helped me get a personalized offer at similar price with Australian stock and local 2 years warranty from Personal Digital. The price difference between overseas and local retailer was no-brainer deal!

Casula, Sydney

Got cheapest price for my 17inch laptop with free antivirus bundled together at no cost from Land Mark computers through BuyMeStuff. Not only was this a great bundled deal more importantly it was from a local retailer and I was able to pick it up the next day

Malvern Melbourne

I got the best deal for Nikon D7100 18-105 kit on BuyMeStuff and paid only $984!! It was awesome that I could pick up the camera from Personal Digital in Sydney and saved on shipping costs too.

BuyMeStuff processed the cashback immediately and the customer service was very good. Shopping on BuyMeStuff was easy and stress free.

Salman Shahabudeen

Buymestuff in the Press

BuyMeStuff raises $450,000 in angel investment for next generation e-commerce marketplace and technology platform.

BuyMeStuff is a marketplace, created on a custom-built technology platform. The platform will leverage machine learning to help Australian SMB brick and mortar retailers intelligently connect with online customers and personalize offers, thereby improving sales and driving growth

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Meet Our Team



Mahendra is a Telco Sales Director managing ANZ Market. With over 12 years experience in telecom industry, he has achieved multi million dollars in sales revenue and multi year contracts with all key telco carriers. He manages retailer acquisition and business development strategy at BuyMeStuff.



Abhishek is a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte with over 9 years experience advising & auditing media & tech clients. He got internal funding to lead an innovative start-up project after winning a national competition. He oversees business management, investor strategy and relationship management at BuyMeStuff.



Ashwin is product and technology evangelist with over 20 years experience. He has worked with Oracle & Sun Microsystems and managed over 10 releases of a leading IDE resulting in a four fold increase in customer adoption resulting in 1.4 million users. He oversees the entire product development lifecycle, technology innovation and introduction of new product features at BuyMeStuff.


General Manager

Ramya is a typical lawyer- everything will be questioned, labelled and organized. Her experience spans across both public and private sectors. She is involved with retailer acquisition, marketing and general management.

Advisory Board

Sunil Coushik
Founder & CEO Prijector

Sunil has founded and run multiple high-tech companies in the internet and telecom sectors. Currently, Sunil is the Founder & CEO at Prijector. Before Prijector, he was the founder and president of Bubble Motion. Bubble Motion attracted venture capital to the tune of 50 million from VCs like Sequoia Capital. Before Bubble Motion Sunil was the CEO and Founder of Ceasewire Labs, a mobile company. With his vast experience and business background, Sunil advises BuyMeStuff on growth strategy and investor relationship.